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    Psalter (Septuagint text and translation in todays' Greek

Psalter (Septuagint text & translation in todays' Greek)

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The Book of Psalms (Psalter) is among the most known and dear texts of biblical literature. It is the only book that is being entirely and repeatedly read in the Church, while only fragments are being read from all the other Bible books. The Psalms, as poetical texts, are distinguished for their special expression, depth, graphic language and their penetrating ability. It is a natural communication language with God, which more often praises and occasionally supplicates, confesses, thinks or urges to self-criticism. This is the reason why the Psalter was loved by all people in all times; because it addresses all people.

In the present edition of the Psalterion (Psalter), the base text was the one edited by the late Professor of the Theological School in Athens, Panayiotis Bratsiotis and is being published even today with the approval of the Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church of Greece. With the edition of this volume the trilogy of the liturgical publications prepared by the Hellenic Bible Society is being completed. This trilogy comprises also of the Eclogadion (Lectionary) which contains the original text and today’s Greek translation of the liturgical New Testament readings throughout the liturgical year, and the Prophetologion which is the Old Testament readings (excluding the Psalms).

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