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    Kallistratos and the field of the heart

Kallistratos and the field of the heart

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The author Vasiliki Neyrokopli, winner of Diavazo magazine award in 2008, and winner of the Circle of the Greek Children’s Book* award, attempts something totally unusual and innovative with her seventh fairytale; she initiates the new series of children’s books of the Hellenic Bible Society, and she offers to the young, but also to the adult, readers a fairytale touch to the Gospel parables. Kallistratos is the story teller who first tells the children a God’s story in his own way, and then creates a fairytale on it. More specifically “The field of the heart” is the story on the Parable of the Sower. Which heart becomes a road, which heart is full of thorns and which heart is full of rocks? Which is the good the fruitful land? These questions find their answer through the imaginative adventure of a fisherman who left his boat and his nets in order to seek God. “Kallistratos and the field of the heart” is a Babushka book, since in it we find three different stories, a small one, a large one and an even larger one.
“Kallistratos and the field of the heart” by Vasiliki Neurokopli; illustrations by Athina Robie.

Read here:  The field of the heart

*That is the National Section of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY)

P630 ISBN:9789607847973

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